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Deleted accounts
Posted by: owo on May 12, 2018
Recently some accounts have been deleted as some should know, unfortunately they cant be fully restored, but we can try to rebuild them with you history, if you had your account deleted please contact me by message with me (if you have not created another account you can create to contact me) We apologize for the users who had such problem.
How can I search for torrents?
Posted by: dogluver101 on Jul 05, 2016
We seem to have a lot of posts in the chat box that seems users are looking for content, but is indeed in the wrong place... To search for torrent content on this site, you'll have to click on "Torrents" on the top of the navbar, and you'll find the search box with the list of torrents that have been recently uploaded... Hopefully this message will be helpful so we can cut down on the keyword searches in the chat box. ;) Thanks for being apart of Beast Tracker!
Server being moved
Posted by: dogluver101 on Jan 05, 2016
Hello! Had some issues getting some upgrades in... It's been halted till everything is stable. In the mean time, enjoy the site, and feel free adding new content! Thanks for being apart of Beast Tracker!
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